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Integrated Facility Solutions provides the highest level of training available to our diverse teams. In so doing, we not only achieve exceeding our valued clients’ expectations of our knowledge and skills pertaining to each team members’ respective roles,but also affirming to ourselves of the standard we want to uphold in the industry in terms of staff education and ongoing training, as well as the professional nature and seriousness with which we treat clients’ faith in our abilities, knowledge and skills.

In conjunction with the Master Builders Association and the Lennox Institute to name a couple, we train our teams and up-skill our managers to ensure we remain at the forefront of trends and technology, as well as providing a great incentive for our employees and inspiring reciprocated loyalty.

When team members join IFS, they go through an induction program including face-to-face training, site induction and OH&S procedures through to active risk management and customer service. At IFS, we have adopted a holistic approach to the training of our people so as to be able to ensure consistency and provide equality right across the board, which we believe is the key to providing the highest level of service to you, our client.

As a quality endorsed company, IFS is committed to investing in ongoing quality control measures on its staff and resources. IFS adheres to the standard of ISO9001:2008. 

Regular external and internal audits are being carried out as required to maintain this industry certification. 

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