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Safety at the work place is essential, both in terms of an employer’s responsibilities and duty of care to workers and responsibilities of individual workers. As much as an employer’s duty is owed to all, all of our team members are committed to being proactive towards their own safety, as well as for the safety of others around them. At IFS the following measures are in place:

  • Being mindful of all the likely hazards that one may be exposed to, and the consequences of such exposure
  • Awareness as to how these dangers could affect your safety and health
  • Take interest and know our organisation’s and our clients expectations as to your own role in relation to safety requirements and compliance
  • Sound working knowledge of correct manual handling techniques
  • Demonstrative knowledge as to the measures to be taken to ensure efficiency in emergency situations.

Our business is premised on the philosophy of professional, ethical and reliable conduct both from an employer’s and worker’s perspective. This is also why IFS highly regards Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) as essential in our industry. We strive to practice and work by this philosophy by retaining the established high standards so as to be able to be in a strong position to protect both the employer and workers involved in any given business partnership. As such, a Workplace Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS) is in place to cover any and all activities of our operations in this context, which we maintain at all costs.

The WHSMS objectives serve IFS as an invaluable asset to assist us with:

  • Complying with legislative requirements;
  • Adhering to Codes of Practice and Australian Standards;
  • Help identify potential hazards that could be confronted in Company activities;
  • Make objective assessments on risks and likely dangers associated with such hazards;
  • Recommend appropriate control mechanisms in order to minimise the risk or danger;
  • Compile safe work method statements (SWMS’s);
  • Liaise with our workers about safety issues, encourage and be open to their feedback and suggestions;
  • Act as a supervisory head in terms of training, creating awareness and educating our personnel;
  • Proactive involvement with ongoing auditing of the program as a way of ensuring that all objectives of the WHSMS are met correctly;

IFS Management and Executive conduct periodical reviews in an attempt to see ongoing improvement supported by the WHSMS.


As a safety endorsed company, IFS is committed to the occupational health and safety of our employee and we regard risk management, assessment and controls as paramount to the core objectives of our business. IFS adheres to the standard of AS/NSZ 4801/ISO9001/ISO14001Regular external and internal audits are being carried out as required to maintain this industry certification.

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