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Environmental Responsibility


At IFS, we are very conscious of our environmental responsibilities. Our management and staff are committed to developing and maintaining best practice standards in our company’s environmental management system. Apart from aiming to source environmentally-friendly materials, equipment and solvents, we also strive to ensure that our environmental practices are implemented, monitored and reviewed throughout all of our activities. This includes:

  • our duty-of-care to our clients, the public and our staff;
  • indoor air and risk management methodology using up-to-date equipment and filters;
  • use of natural chemicals – Colloidal / Mineral;
  • use of anti-bacterial and environmentally-friendly chemicals;
  • safe recycling of materials and chemicals;
  • responsible disposal and reduction of waste;
  • prevention of hazardous contamination;
  • decrease in resource consumption; and reduction of pollution on sites.

IFS is a certified Environmental Management Systems company adhering to the standard of ISO14001:2004. Regular external and internal audits are being carried out as required to maintain this industry certification.IFS is committed to using environmentally friendly products, micro fibre cloth technology and green cleaning products on all major sites Australia wide.  IFS actively encourages and assists their valued clients with cost cutting measures that positively impacts on the environment and thereby help save on the Environment.