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IFS is moving into corporate sustainability in preserving and protecting the environment. It is our duty of care to our clients, staff and the public by reducing the environmental impacts and risks through improved environmental management practices and efficient use of natural resources. All cleaning products damage the environment to some extent. However, we have a crucial role in seeking to protect the much valued human and natural resources that needs to be preserved for the future. We consider it essential to source items and services with minimal ecological impact with such environmental concerns in mind. This is in fact demonstrated by IFS’s commitment to being one of the leading users of colloidal cleaners. Since IFS was founded, our philosophy has been premised on maintaining a consistent, hands-on approach to work. We pride ourselves on our exceptional performance, responsiveness and most importantly, accessibility. It is this philosophy of professionalism and dedication to people – both our valued clients and staff that has seen IFS attract a reputation for professionalism, reliability, and above all, excellence. IFS is mindful of the many issues critical to our clients’ businesses. We adhere strictly to the principles of asset protection, confidentiality, customer perception, and understand the importance of detail and presentation. IFS works tirelessly in making sure that the client’s expectations of the standard of services being provided are fulfilled, and in so doing, we would  continually monitor and review all of our procedures, systems and suppliers. We measure these elements against four main criteria:

  • Value for Money
  • OH&S Management
  • Public Liability/Risk Management
  • Environmental Management

We regard sustainability to be a high priority in the quality cleaning services we aspire to provide across a range of industries Australia wide. IFS also has the ability to provide monthly reports on waste to Clients as part of the service. We believe that through the dissemination of information to our clients, suppliers and industry partners, we can raise awareness and educate people that sustainability can be achieved without compromising service quality and profit margins.

Our approach is designed to ensure that we deliver the services to exceed our client expectations.

Management of the service offering at strategic, tactical and operational level being important, the management of the contract is the most critical aspect in determining operational effectiveness and success. This includes from the point of commencement at transition through to quality reporting, safety audits and educational programs, client liaison and feedback, as well as through to industrial relations and staff satisfaction. It also entails generating unlocked value during the contract term and creating a strong partnership with the client.