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Privacy Policy


Integrated Facility Solutions Pty Ltd is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and the National Privacy Principles in this Act.
In the process of providing services to our clients, IFS gathers and retains any personal information provided by our clients that is information relating to both the candidates and the companies.



  • Gathering and collating information can be in forms of communication such as person-to-person, by mail, facsimile, email transmission, communication via IFS’s website
  • Information pertaining to employment including work history and qualifications
  • Details relating to employment, such as tax file number, superannuation, date of birth and banking details
  • Mailing and emailing address details
  • Organisational/ Company information such as organisational charts, organisational reports on the management of information, criteria and position descriptions

IFS retains such information during any course of time where we are servicing your needs, and as such, until IFS is notified in writing that an individual or organization wishes to end the services being provided by IFS also may enquire and/ or request from clients for possible updates, or the individual client or company client may offer to provide of their own initiative such updated information as and when required to do so. Employment records in particular are retained for the period required as per Australian legislation.


Use of information and purpose

IFS take all measures to ensure all gathered information is kept secure and safely. However, the process of nominating candidates for positions requires providing personal information to organizational clients of IFS. without which an informed decision regarding the assessment of a candidate’s employment cannot be made. The minimum standard of information applicable in this context may be an updated resume, interview details including Referee/s feedback on progress.


Protection of information

Information collected by IFS can be only disclosed to another party with the express permission of the individual or company. Even where IFS discloses such information to third parties as referred to above, IFS seeks reasonable measures of protection from those third parties prior to proceeding with the arrangement as a way of reaffirming this understanding and expectation in relation to any person’s disclosed personal information.

Protocol to access information and Raising Issues
Any requests to review such personal information held by IFS and/or to raise any related concerns on the handling of your personal information, feel free to contact our Privacy Officer either on (03) 9221 6232 or admin@interfs.com.au



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This general disclaimer is not in any way restricted nor modified by any of the following specific warnings and disclaimers, but does not attempt to exclude liability with regard to those warranties implied by law, which cannot be excluded:


Specific Warnings and Disclaimers

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Service Information and Supply

Content on this Web Site may serve as general information about IFS’s provision of services. Unless expressly stated otherwise, this information does not in any way amount to an offer, inducement to enter into a legally binding contract and does not form part of the services of IFS’s terms and conditions.