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Insurance and Financial Institutions


Having managed some of the biggest and most well-known institutions, Integrated Facility Solutions is uniquely placed to provide the highest level of services in the industry.

We know that you value your clients just as we do, hence your image matters and that you value the appearance of your brand and how it impacts on the environment. IFS can manage the cleanliness of public areas, as well as the private office environment at the back of house without interruptions.

IFS conducts a complete AFP background clearance on all staff, supervisors, managers and directors to ensure that we provide a sense of assurance and the highest level of security possible to our clients. Team members that have been cleared then embark on a training and induction program to ensure all of our work environments are clean, perfectly presented and safe.


Services that we can provide to Insurance and Banking institutions:

  • General cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Recycling and secure document disposal
  • Cleaning and maintenance of window furnishings
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Specialist floor cleaning and polishing