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Accommodation Service Providers


Integrated Facility Solutions is uniquely placed to offer specialised housekeeping services to metropolitan and regional accommodation providers with flexible arrangements accommodating seasonal variations in occupancy levels.

With a diverse and widespread workforce, IFS can provide staff for public area cleaning and garden maintenance through to check-in/check-out and overnight stay housekeeping services as well as pre and post banquet and conference cleans.

IFS has specialist linen services teams that can be added to your existing housekeeping services or could be used as part of our complete accommodation services solution.

IFS will work with you to provide a mutually beneficial housekeeping solution for your accommodation business, enabling you to reduce your administration costs whilst increasing the efficiency and service levels to your clients.


Accommodation specific services:

  • Check in and Check out cleans.
  • Maintenance/general Room cleaning
  • Garden and Green Keeping.
  • Banquet and conference cleaning
  • Linen Services
  • Public area cleaning
  • Carpet and specialised floor cleaning
  • Parquetry polishing.