Good food, good health, good business

cateringWe understand that a well fed, healthy workforce is a happy workforce with energy, drive and higher productivity outputs. IFS accomplishes this by providing well-balanced, tasty and nutritious menus, with variety and freshness. Recognising the importance of offering filling and nutritionally balanced meals, we develop our menus as a link in the lifestyle chain – one that encompasses nutritious diet choices, exercise and social recreation.

This philosophy is promoted right across all areas of the business. IFS menus are designed by qualified and experienced chefs in consultation with our clients, nutritionists and health professionals as well as our key stakeholders – the dining workforce.Furthermore, all food produced in our kitchens is made and managed in line with HACCP system standards.



Remote camp & mine site catering

hospitality-cateringWe understand the unique and demanding needs of remote catering environments and plan menus carefully around providing the freshest, healthiest food at all times through logistics management and safe storage.

Our experience dictates our approach and we provide a variety of healthy, filling and balanced food to sustain the hardest workers through their long shifts and provide a feeling of home cooked goodness as they return to base, tired and hungry.

All meals are cooked without using saturated or trans fats, which further enhances the health and wellbeing of our clients.



Ethical, sustainable & healthy choices

hospitality-sustainableOur choice of catering products and purchasing decisions is based on our desire to provide environmentally sustainable catering options– such as sourcing fair trade products through to minimising products with multi-layered packaging and promoting recycling and composting where available. Where possible, we research the supply chain to source ethically produced ingredients and with the lowest carbon footprint available to the site – which is a challenge in remote area catering.

Our philosophy extends to using foods that are lower in fats and we reject the use of unhealthy saturated fats, trans fats and hydrogenated oils, known to increase cholesterol levels. We choose healthier oils, such as Canola or Sunflower oil.