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Horticultural Services

IFS understands the impact of the physical environment around your facility, as well as inside it. Utilising that understanding, we provide services to beautify and maintain the open spaces as if it were our own backyard.

Nothing gives a better first impression than a well-manicured lawn and nature strip free from weeds and litter. IFS can provide horticultural services that maintain the look of the facility, as well as providing advice on plants and materials used to ensure that the ongoing maintenance is minimised.

Weed and pest control, litter collection, maintenance of common areas can be maintained by our teams where they also act as care takers and passive security. Whether in shopping centres, car parks or accommodation facilities, making sure that the environment is safe, secure and free of weeds and litter can be trusted to IFS.


Services that we can provide:

  • Grounds Keeping
  • Green Keeping
  • High pressure walkway cleaning
  • Litter removal
  • Advice on ongoing planting
  • Landscaping